Written and Directed by Vidi Bilu

Jerusalem, 1966. The year before the outbreak of the Six Day War, after which everything will change forever. In a crumbling old building in the center of the city, on the third floor, lives a small family. Eli, the father, is at work all day. His wife Ruthy is locked up inside her own world and spends her days in bed, reading the thick novels her husband brings her from the library. Michal, their 11-year-old daughter, is lonely and bored and seeks attention from the other tenants and attractions around the building. One day, when Ruthy decides to get out of bed, the apparent peace and serenity of the house is violated.

2013 Jerusalem Film Festival - Official Selection

2013 Montreal World Film Festival

2014 Prague Film Festival

2014Los Angeles Women's International Film Festival

Starring Reymonde Amsellem, Yehezkel Lazarov, Yael Ben-Dor, Hana Laslo

Written and Directed By Vidi Bilu

Produced by Elad Gavish

Director of Photography Shai Goldman 

Editor Joelle Alexis