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Directed by Itzik Krichli and Ben Bachar

After an 18 year stay, the Israeli Defense Forces finally pull out of Lebanon in May 2000. Three members of a military rock band, Shlomi, Asaf and Kobi, wake up the next morning only to find out they’ve been left behind. Mixed up in a major drug smuggling scheme orchestrated by their corrupt commander, the three are left stranded and clueless in “no man’s land” between Israel and Lebanon.Caught between a gang of Hezbollah fighters on one side, disgruntled members of the South Lebanon Army on the other, and no combat experience, the three soldiers must find a way to return to Israel with a guitar as their only weapon.


"Excellent cast, sharp writing and and even an intelligent musical soundtrack" 


Oron Shamir, City Mouse

"The most anarchist military comedy made in Israel"

Uri Klein, Haaretz 

"The Last Band in Lebanon has a very good chance to earn its place as a cult Israeli film... right next to Giv'at Halfon"

Gidi Orsher, Galgalatz 




Starring Ofer Shechter, Ori Laizerouvich and Ofer Hayoun

Directed By Itzik Krichli and Ben Bachar

Written By Itzik Krichli and Ori Halevy 

Producers Elad Gavish, Itzik Krichli, Moshe Edery and Leon Edery

Script Editor and Artistic Consultant Ofer Mashiah 

Editor Shlomi Shalom